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Æolia or Eolia, according to Homer, was a mythical, floating isle where Æolus, a Greek god and keeper of the winds, maintained his private residence. Seemingly floating over the deep blue of the Aegean Sea in a similar manner, Eolia Villas, create in their turn, the sensation of an ethereal private paradise.
Built to blend in naturally with its surroundings, Eolia Villas are situated on the slopes of Exo Gonia, a small picturesque settlement just below Pirgos Village, whose beauty and traditional architecture remains untouched by time, There’s no doubt that the minimalistic yet sophisticated design of Eolia Villas along with their truly hospitable atmosphere will immediately captivate you and win a place in your heart. .After all, hospitality is what the people of Santorini are best known for.
Consisting of two impressive villas and two fully equipped apartments, Eolia Villas offer you a unique opportunity to relax, unwind and take time just for you. This accommodation is suitable for couples, groups of friends or just you and your family.

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