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Our Boutique Hotel is located in Oia of Santorini, at the center of the traditional settlement. The brand new and hospitable houses and caves carved in the volcanic rock await to welcome you.

Minimal yet luxurious, modern yet respectful of Santorini's traditional architecture, our Boutique Hotel offers an exclusive stay at the Caldera.

The spacious terraces with their panoramic views to the Caldera promise to relax and unwind you.

The infinity pool at the edge of the cliff mingles its light blue waters with the deep blue of the Aegean, composing a magical picture.

The plush Greek breakfast and the homemade flavours based on Santorini's local products complete an unforgetable vacation.

Just a few steps up, unique Oia, awaits you to feel and explore it...

Oia is a life destination and Pezoules of Oia is the ideal hotel to stay and experience it.


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