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Grigoris Kouskouris was born in Athens on July 2nd 1980, although his family is originally from the village of Pirgos on the island of Tinos. Grigoris is the fourth consecutive descendant from a family of marble sculptors in Tinos, whose artifacts are housed and exhibited at the Marble Art Museum of Tinos.
Grigoris studied Marble Sculpture and graduated from the National School of Pallini. This school was established by the well known marble sculptor Stratis Filipotis, also originally from Tinos. During his studies, Grigoris initially worked as an apprentice in a marble work shop, then went on to work for a well known marble company, while simultaneously working next to his teacher, recognized sculptor Kostantinos Georgiou.
In 2003 Grigoris returns to his place of residence on the island of Santorini to work and manage his own family business with marbles. Here, he also set up his own marble work shop. For the next three years Grigoris strives to create his own path in art through hard work, dedication, and study. In 2007 Grigoris successfully opens his personal exhibition where he presents his first complete series of creations and artifacts. http:/​/​www.​kouskouris.​gr

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